Frequently Asked Questions

What about financing on second homes?
We have several lenders that can assist in your purchase and some builders may finance directly. Foreign nationals typically need 30-35% deposit and the balance can be financed.
Do I have to be hereto buy?
No, we can do video showings and create virtual tours for you. We are present during all inspections and will perform the final walk through before closing on your behalf. Closing documents can be signed locally to you.
Do you work with International Clients?
All the time! – international buyers are over 50% of our clients, so we have all the help on hand to get items such as ITIN numbers and we will guide you through the buying process
What happens after I buy the home?
During the sale process we will set you up with property management. Who we use will depend exclusively on your specific goals – we have a range of companies we use and match accordingly to ensure a great fit. We take care of all aspects of your home purchase and set up including furnishing the home if needed.